Student-athletes must meet high academic and attendance standards in order to participate in after-school sports. Our student-athletes focus on the things that make a difference in their education and their team membership.

Core Covenants : Defend the Den

Middle school athletics and activities

  • All students in middle school can participate in sports through the district’s no-cut policy.Gaiser Grizzlies sports logo
  • Students may participate in one sport/activity per season.
  • Students must have a valid WIAA sport physical for the season. Families who do not have health insurance may wish to contact the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington.


  • Students who are absent more than three periods in a day may not participate in any after-school sports or activities on that day.
  • Athletes must meet behavior and academic guidelines to participate.
  • Students with any failing grades will be on probation, and students with more than two failing grades will not be eligible to play in games. Athletes will also not be eligible during the three weeks in a season following a trimester where two or more F grades were received.
  • All fines must be paid before a student can participate in an Activity.
  • ** TACKLE FB  practices  8/21 + 8/22 4pm – 5:30pm,  8/23  9am – 11am.  All other days following will be 3:30pm – 5:15pm
  • ** FLAG FB & XC practices begin  Mon 8/26  9am – 10:30am. All other days following will be 3:30pm5pm
  • ** VolleyBall  practices begin Mon 8/26   3.30pm – 5pm. All other days following will be 3:30pm – 5:15pm



Early winter


Late winter




Flag football – Boys & Girls

6th and 7th-grade

Girls Basketball
7th and 8th-grade
Boys Basketball
7th and 8th-grade
Track – Boys & Girls
6th, 7th and 8th-grade
Tackle football – Boys & Girls
Wrestling – Boys & Girls
6th, 7th and 8th-grade
Girls Bowling
7th and 8th-grade
Girls Volleyball
7th and 8th-grade
Cross-country – Boys & Girls
6th, 7th and 8th-grade

Parents can register their students for middle school sports and activities through FamilyID, a secure, user-friendly platform.

  • In order for athletes to be eligible to practice and participate in competitions all required forms have to be completed, submitted and reviewed through FamilyID. ***The clearing process takes at least 24 – 48hrs, we don’t have a full time nurse in our building. The nurse reviews all physicals for each sport every season.
  • Students must have a valid WIAA sports physical for the season. Families who do not have health insurance may wish to contact the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington.
  • Fees can be paid online or at the Business Office.
  • Athletes are required to purchase an ASB card for $10 (1 per school year, this is required in order to attend the 1st practice. There’s no F/R discount on this item), pay the athletic fee ($20 per sport**) and have all outstanding fines paid.
  • **If you qualify for Free&Reduced lunch, and wish to received the discount, a consent to share form has to be turned in and the payment must be made at Gaiser’s Business office.

Athletic news


Mandie Greene Athletic director
Patricia Chi Business office

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