Purchasing and payments

Meals are served at no charge. Deposits are not required for students unless they wish to purchase second meals or a la carte items. All schools use point-of-sale software to track cafeteria sales and deposits. The system works much like a debit card. Parents may deposit the desired amount to their student’s account if their child wishes to make any purchases in the cafeteria.

Parents may monitor their child’s account balance through their Skyward Family Access account. Please check with the school office about setting up a Skyward Family Access account if you do not have one.

Any money left in the account at the end of the year will be transferred into the student’s account for the next school year.

What students need to know

During lunchtime, students should stay seated inside or stay outside on school grounds. All food and beverages are to remain in the cafeteria.

Students should remain seated until they are excused. Once excused, they should push in their chairs (or stack them, during the last lunch); clean up after themselves; and then dump or recycle their remaining unwanted items.