The Gaiser community has developed expectations for the purpose of creating a positive culture that allows and facilitates high levels of learning.
These expectations are focused on safety, responsibility, respect and attitude. Staff members will be intentional in teaching, modeling and periodically reviewing the common expectations throughout the year. We ask that every student follow these expectations and the Gaiser givens:

  • Follow adult directions the first time they are given.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect the personal space of others.
  • Let teachers teach and students learn.

Behavioral expectations



Passing areas


Office & admin center

Media center


Bus ridership


Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Use all materials safely.

Keep four on the floor.

Walk to the right.

Keep hands and feet to self.

Line up single file and no crowding.

Keep aisles clear of backpacks and food.

Be neat and clean up your area. Report spills to staff.

Exit only when dismissed.

Check in with staff upon arrival.

Wait your turn.

Use inside voice.

Honor confidentiality.

Use conflict resolution skills for solving problems.

Stow backpacks before entering the media center.

Arrive as a group quietly.

Follow the rules of your sport.

Follow directions from coaches and officials.

Think first, then react

Be aware of your surroundings.

Approach the bus once it has come to a complete stop.

Cross the roadway only when driver gives approval and only cross in front of the bus.

Emergency doors and windows are for use in emergency conditions only.

Calm voices and behaviors create a safe ride.

Stay in your seat.


Be prepared with proper supplies.

Actively participate.

Be on time.

Travel quickly to class.

Pick up the trash.

Honor personal space.

Monitor and know your account balance.

Use keypad gently.

Take the top tray, one serving and only what you plan to eat.

Keep food in cafeteria.

Hall passes are required for visits.

Be prepared with paperwork, if necessary.

Be active in problem solving for yourself and peers.

Accept responsibility for choices and behaviors.

Go directly to the planned work area.

Stamp every book checked out.

Push chairs to the table edge when learning.

Be on time, punctual, prepared, and mentally present.

Have a ride arranged to be on time.

Meet grade standards and complete your grade verification forms.

Arrive at your stop five minutes before scheduled stop time.

Always ride your regular bus unless you have written parent permission that is signed by the office.

Keep litter off the bus.

Board the bus immediately after school.


Contribute courteously.

Use kind words.

Give eye contact.

Respect property of others.

Use appropriate language.

Allow privacy for student using keypad.

Food belongs on tray, in mouth or in garbage.

Salad bar is off limits unless kitchen staff is there to supervise.

Wait patiently for staff.

Face the staff when communicating.

State your purpose/need clearly.

Listen and take turns when problem solving.

Enter quietly and be quiet while in the media center.

Walk around the outside of the library, not through.

Sit in assigned seating arrangements.

Demonstrate sportsmanlike behavior with coaches, teammates, officials and spectators, as well as the opposition.

Represent yourself, your family, your team and your school with honor and pride.

Listen to your coaches and follow their directions.

Take care of your own business and let others take care of theirs.

Obey the driver promptly and willingly.

Respect rights and property of others.

Respectful behavior does not distract the driver.

Face forward on the bus at all times.

Keep hands, feet and objects to self.


Be willing to seek solutions.

Always try your best.

Accept constructive feedback.

Be kind and courteous.

Be supportive of peers.

Accept redirection and feedback.

Cooperation creates an enjoyable lunch or breakfast.

Show appreciation for the food served and efforts of the kitchen staff.

Demonstrate your best courtesy.

Listen to details and facts without arguing.

Believe in the possibility of healing and change.

Look for a solution.

Accept conclusions.

Be purposeful while in the library.

Be willing to try new reading materials.

Use your time wisely.

Be supportive and encouraging of ALL of your teammates.

Be coachable by following directions and accepting feedback.

Teamwork, enthusiasm and heart.

Recognize that riding the bus is a privilege.

Show appreciation to your bus driver.

Make the ride pleasant for all.

Positive and appropriate language puts everyone at ease.

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