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Gaiser expectations


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Our mission

The mission of Gaiser Middle School is to provide a safe and caring community where students learn the academic and behavioral skills needed to be citizens in a culturally diverse, high-tech world.

Our vision

Gaiser is the pride of the community, renowned for commitment to academic excellence and compassionate collaboration among all members.

Vision: We are unified and act with decisiveness and fidelity to fulfill our mission.

Excellence: We surpass expectations by following our unwavering collective will.

Collaboration: We plan, implement, monitor and adapt strategies to guarantee success.

Culture: We celebrate success, focus on positive momentum and honor all contributions.

Our commitments

Respect time: Listen actively and remain fully engaged

Maintain confidentiality: Use consensus for team agreements

Respectfully support one another’s efforts to improve student learning.

Hold ourselves and one another accountable for these commitments.

Our history

Gaiser building photo circa 1974

Gaiser Junior High School first opened its doors on January 21, 1974, with 670 students.

The school was named after Dr. Paul Gaiser, superintendent of Vancouver schools for 18 years between 1934 and 1952 and Clark College president.

Gaiser was the fifth junior high to be built in Vancouver Public Schools and is the only open concept–style middle school in the district. The original design was unique and drew many accolades and visitors.

Significant dates in our history

Fall 1990: Voters approve a $45 million bond measure.

Fall 1992: Gaiser is remodeled with bond dollars.

January 1994: Gaiser celebrates its 20-year anniversary.

September 2008: The AVID program expands to several schools across the district, including Gaiser.

Fall 2011: Students who entered the Spanish/English Dual Language program in kindergarten at Anderson Elementary continue the program at Gaiser.

April 2016: Gaiser is named one of 47 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools. The Washington Green Schools organization recognizes Gaiser as a Platinum Green School.